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A few slice files that could be useful to people trying to control stuff via IR with a TiVo.


I've done some work with PostgreSQL and have written a few notes that may be of interest to some people.

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``School's goal is to prepare them to be anything they want. But the process is so dullifying and kids haven't explored the possibilities of what they could be that many set their sites as low as possible. They go to college to get a job to buy stuff.'' -- Joyce Fetteroll

Here's a bundle of other interesting quotes I've collected.


As of the 8th May, 1999 I've been married to my sweetie, Lindy. Our (novel) wedding invitation included a CD, the contents of which can be viewed here. The CD contents are copyright 1999 by Geoffrey D. Bennett and Belinda Nayda. The images on the CD are copyright their respective photographers.

I now have two beautiful children: Cameron was born in October 2003 and Emily was born in July 2006.