Creating Adventures with Cameron - Rock Slides

Once upon a time a little boy named Cameron was playing with his engine called Lady. Lady was traveling with Annie, Clarabel and some other coaches on her railway track that ran through the mountains.

It was a lovely day for traveling on the mountain line and Lady was having a good time. All of a sudden there was a very loud rumbling sound. "What's that?" called Lady to Cameron. "It sounds like rocks falling" said Cameron, and Cameron and Lady looked up.

There were hundreds of rocks tumbling down the mountain side headed right for the tracks and Lady. "Watch out!" said Cameron.

When the rock fall had stopped the mountain line was completely blocked, and Lady and her coaches had been derailed.

"Oh dear," said Cameron, "what are we going to do? How will we ever get the line cleared and the train back on the track?"

"Ring the Fat Controller," called Lady from under the rocks. "He'll know what to do."

So Cameron called the Fat Controller and told him what had happened. "Hmmm..." said the Fat Controller; "this is sure to cause confusion and delay. I will send some trucks to help clear the line and get Lady back on track".

Cameron and Lady waited patiently for the trucks to arrive.

A short while later, Alfie, Jack, the cement barrel truck, Elizabeth, Lorry, and S.C. Ruffey arrived to help with the clean up.

The barrel car got started with picking up rocks from the side of the track...

Cameron got Jack to work clearing the tracks...

Jack and Cameron had to work very hard to clear the tracks. First Jack cleared the left track and then he set to work clearing the right track.

After lots of effort from Cameron and Jack the tracks were cleared. Now it was time to try and get Lady and her coaches back on the track, but none of the trucks the Fat Controller had sent knew how to do it. So Cameron called the Fat Controller again. Cameron said, "The tracks are clear now and we need someone to get Lady back on the tracks. Can you send someone to help us?"

"Yes," said the Fat Controller. "I will send Terence. He can go over the rocks because he has special wheels, called 'tracks', that let him drive over rocks."

Terence arrived quickly and got to work putting Lady back on the tracks...

After Lady was safely back on the tracks, Terence and Cameron started work on getting the coaches back on the track.

It took a lot of effort but finally the whole train was back on track and ready to continue the journey.

Although Lady and her coaches were off again on their journey there was still lots of cleaning up for the others to do. Jack and Alfie got cracking loading up Elizabeth and Lorry.

It took a VERY LONG time for the trucks to clean away all of the rocks...

But finally everything was cleared, night was falling and the trucks were very tired.

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