Creating Adventures with Cameron - Storms

Once upon a time, while Mummy and Emily were sleeping, a little boy called Cameron was playing. He was playing with the car set he got from Woolworths, and it was fun. "But," he thought, "I am sure this could be more fun".

"I know," he thought, "snow would certainly make this more interesting. I will see what I can find in the cupboard".

Cameron goes to the cupboard to see what is available. He finds...

Powdered Milk Flour Icing Sugar

Cameron takes them over to his car set and investigates them further. "Hmmm," thinks Cameron, "the milk powder doesn't really look like snow, so I won't use that - the other two things will make good snow though". So Cameron creates a snow storm. The road is covered in snow - it is impossible for the cars to get through the snow.

"Well snow is definately fun," thought Cameron, "but this playing could certainly be even more fun if there was rain. I can get rain things from the fridge!" Cameron goes to the fridge and investigates his options. "Well," thought Cameron, "I could use..."

"...but water is a bit boring - I want something with some colour. I know..."
MilkOrange Juice

So Cameron takes over his new found rain and pours it over his car set. "Excellent!" thought Cameron, "this is now very fun".

Just then the sun came out. "Oh dear," thought Cameron, "when the sun comes out the snow melts. Now I will have to find something to be melted snow."

"I remember Mummy once said that melting snow is very dirty," thought Cameron, "so I will need something brown - I'll see what is available".

Cameron went back into the kitchen to see what he could find. "Hmm," he thought, "there are a few things here..."

BBQ SauceWorcestershire SauceSoy Sauce

"I think I will try them all," thought Cameron. First Cameron tries out the BBQ Sauce. "Well," thought Cameron, "it makes a good mess but it is too thick to be melted snow. Next I will try the worcestershire sauce."

Cameron starts to pour the worcestershire sauce. "Hmmm, it looks right but it takes too long to pour. I am a very busy little boy so I'll need something that pours faster - after all I want to finish this before Mummy and Emily get up!"

Finally Cameron tries the soy sauce. "Yes that pours much better," thought Cameron and he completes his masterpiece.

The table was definately a disaster area - the terrible storm had certainly caused a terrible mess! The cars were stuck in the snowy rainy mess and they just couldn't get through. Exactly what Cameron wanted.

"I wonder what is happening on the next level down," thought Cameron. So he pulls up the table cloth to investigate. "Oh dear," thought Cameron with a smile, "that is a terrible mess as well - how fabulous!"

Cameron is very proud of what he has done and he really likes it. "I wonder what Mummy will think when she gets up".

For your information this is what Mummy thought...

If anyone wants to try this at home you will need:

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