Creating Adventures with Cameron - The Cut

Once upon a time a little boy named Cameron was playing with his Mummy. They were having lots of fun but then disaster struck - Mummy cut her leg.

"That is a very nasty cut there Mummy," said Cameron. "I think that you will need to come to the Surgery to get it checked out".

Cameron took Mummy's hand and walked with her to the Surgery.

Doctor Cameron left Mummy in a room at the Surgery and went off to get his nurse, Emily. When they arrived back they got some gloves to keep blood off them.

The gloves were very tricky to get on but eventually the Doctor and Nurse were ready to look at the cut.

Doctor Cameron took a close look at the cut and he was very surprised.

"This is a very deep cut. We are going to need to clean it up and put a bandage on it," said Doctor Cameron. "Nurse Emily, can I please have a sterowipe to get rid of the germs and clean this blood off?" said Cameron.

"Yes Doctor," said Nurse Emily and she opened a sterowipe and gave it to Doctor Cameron.

Doctor Cameron gave the wound a thorough wipe to make sure it was very clean.

Then he asked Nurse Emily to apply the dressing to the wound. Nurse Emily very carefully got out the dressing and put it on the cut. She then applied some tape to hold the dressing in place.

Meanwhile Doctor Cameron had located a large bandage to put over the dressing to keep it clean and in place. Doctor Cameron wrapped up the cut leg with great care.

When Doctor Cameron had finished, Nurse Emily asked Mummy "How does that feel now?"

"It still hurts," said Mummy.

"It should be feeling better now," said Doctor Cameron. "We must have missed something..."

"I know," said Nurse Emily, "we forgot The Wiggles Bandaid -- they make things stop hurting you know!"

Nurse Emily applied the Wiggles Bandaid and Mummy felt instantly better.

Doctor Cameron told Mummy to keep her leg dry and clean and come back to get it checked in 2 days.

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